A Time to Rejuvenate

Indian Captain Virat Kohli focused on his next shot. Source: Reuters.

Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has halted all sports Worldwide. Nobody knows when it’s going to end and recommence Cricket as well. What can a sportsman or sportswoman do in such a circumstance? One can ponder though, that this may give someone a chance to rejuvenate and refocus somewhat. With all the formats of Cricket tightly packed in a calendar year, perhaps a break can possibly aid the Cricketers and refresh their batteries. This may make them more eager than ever for when Cricket restarts in due course.

      A naturally gifted player can use this time to self-analyse and watch replays via videos to see where flaws can be corrected.

     For the ones that play all formats of this glorious game, the mental aspect is utmost important. There have been many players who have been on the go consistently, and must make use of this time away to relax somewhat. The workload in the last 12 months for players such as Steve Smith, David Warner, Virat Kohli just to name a few, thoroughly deserve a break. Self-belief and staying positive are two characteristics that a professional sports person must possess.

     In a time such as this where most of the countries are on major lockdowns, it gives ample opportunity for someone like Nicholas Pooran to take advantage of. The young and talented West Indian wicket-keeper batsman has all the shots in the book. He must not forget the basics of the game and that his skillsets will endure with him. A naturally gifted player can use this time to self-analyse and watch replays via videos to see where flaws can be corrected. Hopefully this unexpected break from the game can provide a spark in not just him, but other Cricketers globally to make them hungrier. When the action resumes in time, they should be prepared more mentally to get back out in the field and represent their country with pride.

     We have seen a lot of Cricketers very passionate about the game and nobody likes sitting down doing absolutely nothing. The intensity could possibly be seen more visibly in the future than anytime else in the past. The situation presently does not permit for players to practice their cricketing skills. What is critical, is for them to know their own game inside-out. This means that the basics imprinted in their minds will keep them moving forward. Now is the perfect time to understand themselves and break it down step by step. Once this is done, life will be much easier progressing forward.

     Simple throw-downs in the backyard, catching practice and rolling of the arm are some things that can be done. This is better than doing nothing at all. Keeping fit is another key factor in any sport. Some players may have home gyms and others can just simply exercise by just a jog around the house, or even up and down the stairs. One has to be proactive at home in any way possible. With modern technology available, it’s easy for a player to keep in contact with a coach or even a team-mate. It’s an unusual break for everyone involved and it’s all about adapting.

     This break can last up to a few months, but nobody really knows how long though. No sport is bigger than the other and everyone’s main objective is to fight this Coronavirus. The enemy being the virus but according to what Sachin Tendulkar said recently, let’s take this battle session by session. Once that is done, we can overcome this together and be victorious. The day will come when all sports resumes eventually. For now, let’s just do our part by following protocol in our respective countries.

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